RiderLog Anonymised Bicycle Trips, Greater Sydney NSW 2010-2013
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Point data describing location of bicycle trips from 2010 to 2013 recorded by volunteer users of RiderLog smartphone application. Route id links points of a single track. Points are the centroids of cells in a standard grid (500 m spatial resolution). Attributes of the rider (id, age, gender) and the route (purpose, distance, duration, speed, date and time) are linked to each point.
Recommended citation:
Leao S Z and Pettit C J (2017) RiderLog Anonymised Bicycling Data, Australia...

Publication Date
Vector Data
Bicycle , Bicycle , Cycling , Cycling , doi:10/b855 , doi:10/b855
means and aids for conveying persons and/or goods. Examples: roads, airports/airstrips, shipping routes, tunnels, nautical charts, vehicle or vessel location, aeronautical charts, railways
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Maintenance Frequency
Data Is Updated Every Year

Assist research and planning associated to bicycling and active transport.

Temporal Extent
May 1, 2010, midnight - Dec. 31, 2013, 11:59 p.m.
Data Quality
Identifiable errors have been deleted from the data through GIS editing. For anonymisation, the data has been spatially generalised using a 500m grid (related document).
Supplemental Information

The standard grid used for data anonymisation is available for download here as a related document (Grid500m_GreaterSydney_NSW_RiderLogPublic.zip).

Spatial Representation Type
textual or tabular data is used to represent geographic data

Layer WMS GetCapabilities document

Attribute Name Label Description
RouteId Unique identifier of a cycling trip
RiderID Unique identifier of a cyclist id
TopSpeed Maximum speed in km/h of a cycling trip
RidePurpos Purpose of a cycling trip (transport or recreation)
Distance Distance in Km of a cycling trip from start to end
Duration Duration in minutes of a cycling trip from start to end
AvSpeed Average speed in km/h of a cycling trip
SA1_start SA1 of the start of a cycling trip
SA1_end SA1 of the end of a cycling trip
Gender Gender of a cyclist (male, female, not stated)
YOB Year of birth of a cyclist
Age Age of the cyclist at the date of the cycling trip
startyear Year of the cycling trip
startmonth Month of the cycling trip
startdate Day of the month of the cycling trip
startday Day of the week of the cycling trip (1 is for Sunday)
starthour Hour at the start of the cycling trip
startmin Minute at the start of the cycling trip
Cell_SA1 SA1 code of the cell with cycling trips
Cell_SA2 SA2 code of the cell with cycling trips
Cell_ID Unique identifier of cells in the standard grid for RiderLog-Public
City City where the cycling trip is performed
State State where the cycling trip is performed
location Lat and Long of cell centroid


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