CityData lets you securely store, discover and share data.

With CityData it’s easy to upload and store spatial data like shapefiles as well as other non-spatial data and documents. You can describe your data with metadata to aid discovery and use, share it with others and download it.

Once you upload a spatial layer you can use it to create and share online maps.  What’s more, your layer is automatically served online as map and feature services (WMS and WFS) that anyone can access in desktop GIS (like ArcMap or QGIS) or use in a web application.

Data can be made private and not shared if it is sensitive for privacy, commercial or other reasons. Set permissions to choose the individuals and groups who may view, download, edit and manage your data.

CityData can help us overcome problems of finding and identifying the right version of spatial data and knowing the licence conditions, even when the person responsible is no longer around to ask. It complements our research papers as a repository for publishing the data underpinning our research.

This document explains how to use CityData including the conventions we have adopted to ensure reliable data management through quality data and metadata.

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CityData is powered by GeoNode open source geospatial content management system.

Accessing data on CityData

Anyone can use CityData. Data made public by its owner is accessible to the public without registering or logging on. Just visit the site at and explore Layers, Maps and Documents (non-spatial data).

Our public data is also automatically published to Research Data Australia by the Australian National Data Service (ANDS).

When to load data to CityData

If you work with spatial data, load it to CityData when you:

  • reach a project milestone or put a project on pause: upload and document your data so you (or others) know what’s where when you return
  • need to share your data with others in your team or beyond
  • complete a project and want to publish your results.

Requesting an account

To upload data to CityData or access restricted data, you will need an account. This is separately managed from your UNSW account. Email and provide:

  1. Preferred username (one word)
  2. Full name
  3. Email address
  4. Mobile phone number
  5. The reason you need the account (if you’re not a City Futures staff member)

Once your account is created you’ll receive an email notification and an SMS with your temporary password.

If you do not receive the email within a few minutes, check your Junk Email folder. If it's there, right-click and select Not Junk before following the link in the email to login and change your password.

to see the full User Guide.